Hand Wheels

A hand wheel is a manually operated circular metal or plastic wheel with a pre-drilled hub in the centre. This enables the hand wheel to be mounted onto a shaft or spindle. Hand wheels can be solid or spoked and are also available with a fixed, revolving or foldaway handle for ease of use.What are hand wheels used for?Handwheels are typically used to position and adjust machines and valves in factories, mills and workshops. They can also be used to control access to compartments. Handwheels are ideal for quick adjustments to heavy duty industrial machinery, especially where heavy torque is required. This makes them perfect for industrial use in a range of applications, allowing for safe operation of machinery by hand.Types of hand wheelMachine handwheels come in a range of different styles to suit every application. Handwheels are used for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications. They include:Spoked handwheelsSolid handwheelsDished handwheelsTypes of handleHandwheels are available with or without a handle. Handles can be stationary (fixed), revolving or fold-down. Handles give the user a better grip and provide more control when operating the device.Hand wheel materialsHandwheels are made from a range of different metals and plastics. The material of the handwheel would depend on the application or environment it is to be used in. They include:Aluminium handwheel and Die-Cast aluminium handwheelsSteel and Stainless Steel handwheelsPlastic handwheels which include polymers, nylon and thermoplasticsHand wheel applicationsHandwheels are utilised in a wide range of applications, some of the most common environments are:Valve adjustmentLathes – Wood and metalworkingSewing machines – Adjustment and control of threadsPrinting – Adjustment and regulation of paper feedsMarine – Compartment doors and cupboards