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Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses are devices designed to magnify an object. They have a convex lens that is rounded outwards on both sides. When light rays pass through the lens they bend and converge at a focal point.What is magnification?If you need to see something small you can bring your eyes closer however the object will become blurred as the eye can’t focus on really close things. A magnifying glass will bring it back into focus and make it look bigger.What types of magnifying glasses are available?We offer a comprehensive range of hand held magnifiers, bench magnifiers and surface contact magnifiers to suit your application.What is the most common magnifier?Hand held magnifiers are typically the most common. The glass lens usually come with a handle attached making it easy to adjust the distance between the viewing lens and the object. They can also be used to compensate for slight differences in uncorrected nearsightedness or farsightedness.What is dioptre?Dioptre also known as a diopter is the measurement of the lenses ability to bend light over its surface. For example a dioptre is a power increase to the power of 25%, so 3 dioptre = 1.75x and 5 dioptre = 2.25xApplication InformationMagnifying glasses come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the simplest types of magnifiers to use. They are used by jewellers, scientist and electronic servicing engineers as an essential piece of equipment. We offer a wide range of ideal magnifying glasses to suit the required application.