Car Inverters

A Car power inverter or a power inverter as they are also known is a portable electronic device that converts Direct Current to Alternating Current or DC-AC. Inverters are used in cars and lorries to allow you to power consumer electronics from a 12V DC car battery or 24V DC truck battery. Inverters are connected to the power source either by plugging into the vehicle’s cigarette socket, via the fuse panel or directly to the battery terminals. Types of Adapter• Modified Sine Wave or Quasi Sine WaveThese types of inverters produce a modified sine wave. Modified inverters generally work well for smaller consumer electronic devices such as laptops, kettles, mini fridges and small TV’s. A good all-round power inverter for everyday use.• Pure Sine WaveThese types of inverters generally cost more as they produce a sine wave similar to the AC voltage you find your socket outlets in the home. Pure sine wave inverters produce a ‘cleaner current’ and are better for more sensitive types of equipment.How are Power Inverters Connected?Power inverters are connected to the car battery in a number of ways. Some of the more common means of connection are• Direct to the battery• Cigarette lighter• Fuse PanelTypes of AC socket outletsCar inverters have a range of different AC outlet socket options. The plug on your device would determine the type of car adapter you would need. They include the following:• UK 3 pin AC• Euro 2 pin • Schuko• IEC • BS4343 / IEC60309 (commando style) ApplicationsPower inverters are used for a wide range of automotive applications. Power inverters are ideal for camping and caravanning, lorry drivers and anyone who spends the majority of the day traveling. Inverters are used to supply appliances with AC voltage. Some of the most common are:• Cooking equipment• Fridges• Heaters• Air compressors• Power tools• Laptops• Televisions• DVD and Blu-ray players• Games consoles