Cable Clips & Clamps

Clips & clamps work in very many different ways. Most likely the clip will have screws to be able to screw the wire into place via another bracket, although this isn’t always the case. RS have over 600 types & they include some that you can hammer into the wall with one nail or stick down with a self-adhesive. Some cable clips & cable clamps will be for specific cables with certain dimensions, for example, some clips will only support wires in the 7mm range. Others might support cables measuring 5mm, 14.5mm or 34mm. Sometimes clips can be adjusted to fit more than one measurement of cable. These might fit 3mm to 7mm or 15mm to 25mm. Smaller clips might come in a pack of 50-100 and come in colours of white and black.What are the different types of cable clips and clamps?There are plenty of clips & clamps to satisfy your needs. Listed below are some of the most commonly used cable clips & cable clamps.P-Type – The P-Type clip is a widely used clip in the industrial workplace. It’s very easy to use and only requires one screw to connect it and hold the cable securely. This can be used for earth cables, cables with sleeving, co-axial cables and plenty more. P-Type clips are a mix of plastic and metal and are usually found in the colours black and silver.Saddle Clamp – The saddle clamp is the go-to clamp for most people. They tend to be made from metal for heavy-duty use with some being made of plastic. They’re easy to use & fix to the wall with two screws that also clamp the “saddle” down.Cable Clips – These guys tend to be for smaller use around the home and office. They are normally made of a plastic material with 1 nail. They come in white and grey colours and are very convenient for fixing small cables and mains. These clips are great for any electrical work.Things to consider when buying cable clips and cable clampsWhen buying cable clamps & cable clips there are certain things to consider.Firstly you should think about what clip or clamp would best suit your need. For example, you wouldn’t use the industrial clips for clearing up your TV cables.Size is very important too. Clips are usually measured in ’mm’. They can range in size from 1.6mm going up to 80mm.