Cable Retainers

Cable retainers are small devices designed to hold your cables neatly, securely and safely. This can help to reduce the risk of trips caused by loose or trailing cables by keeping them tidily. This makes cable retainers ideal for use around the home, at the office or in the workplace.How to use a cable retainer?Cable retainers have ‘snap-fit’ grooves where your cables simply click into place. They can be used alone or inside cable trunking– an enclosure for managing cables. Cable trunking is also used to keep your cables tidy, protects them from heat and dust and provides space for other electrical equipment. Different types of cable retainersCable retainers are usually made out of rubber or uPVC because they’re non-conductive and fire retardant materials. Look out for stand-alone designs or styles which can be attached to the wall using screws. There are also cable retainers which are specifically designed (thin and rectangular) to fit into cable trunking.