Data Loggers

Data acquisition is sampling signals that measure real-world conditions such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure or sound, and converting these measurements into values that can be read by a computer. Two types of data acquisition systems are known as DAS or DAQ, these convert analogue waveforms into digital values for processing and analysing.Data acquisition begins with the physical property (this includes temperature, light intensity, gas pressure, fluid flow and force) to be measured. This then must be transformed into a unified form that can be sampled by a data acquisition system. This task is performed by sensors.What are the components of Data Acquisition System?Sensors to convert physical parameters to electrical signalsSignal conditioning circuitry to convert sensor signals into a form that can be converted to digital valuesAnalogue to digital converters to convert conditioned sensor signals to digital valuesA data acquisition system is a collection of software and hardware that lets you measure or control physical characteristics of something in the actual world. A complete data acquisition system comprises DAQ hardware, sensors and actuators, signal conditioning hardware, and a computer running DAQ software.What can Acquisition be used for?Research and AnalysisDesign Validation and VerificationManufacturing and Quality TestDiagnostic and RepairAsset Condition MonitoringPC-Based Control and AutomationWhat are Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) Used For?DAS are used within industries for research and development, process control, quality control, testing and management of systems. Data Acquisitions systems can help improve productivity providing you the means to test various technical products plus by using the applicable DAS software you can input any form of data.Why choose RS Components for Data Acquisition?RS Components has a large of data acquisition systems that will suit your needs and we have product experts available to advise you. We have data acquisition from some leading brand in the industry, including Keysight Technologies, Sefram and Phoenix Contact.