Cable Sleeving Tools

Cable sleeving kits are used to protect and neatly store your cables and wires of different lengths, shapes and sizes.Why are cable sleeving kits beneficial?Cables and wires can easily tangle and are prone to damage from being stood on or from the outside elements. Cable sleeving is important as is protects your cables and wires from electrical, mechanical, environmental and chemical damage. Different types of cable sleeving kits Cable sleeving is made from materials such as PVC and steel, which do not break or crack. The kits can vary from boxed dispensers with reels of sleeving to carry cases with pre-cut pieces of sleeving of different sizes and lengths. Common types of cable sleeving include:Heat shrink tubing – provides electrical insulation and mechanical protection. Due to the availability of different colours, heat shrink can also be used to colour code wires for easy identification. When heated, heat shrink conforms to the cable it surrounds.Braided sleeving – lightweight and flexible and can provide protection for bundles of cables. The special structure of the braiding keeps out moisture and dirt making it suitable for vehicle manufacturing and robotics.