Cable Tie Assemblies

Cable tie assemblies are usually used for fixing and bundling cables within the automotive and electrical industry. They’re ideal for keeping cables neat and tidy and for fastening items together. Cable tie assembly applications and typesCable ties can help organise wiring systems by grouping cables together. They’re usually made from durable nylon which can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use cable ties for organising wires behind your computer desk or in household repairs. Choose from different cable tie assemblies, including:Cable tie kits – cases containing cable tiescable tie bases (used to mount cable ties to walls) and cable tie pliers (for tightening and cutting cable ties). Cable ties with edge clips – cable ties with clips that can be mounted on panels. How to use cable tiesCable ties are very easy to use. You simply wrap the tie around the items you want to bundle or hold together, insert the pointed end of the cable tie into the locking piece and pull until its tightened. Once the cable is tight and secure you can then cut off the excess loose end.